Paul Neafsey
Gloucester City, NJ

        Widener University, Chester PA
        Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
        Concentration: Management Information Systems, August 2007

Widener University, Chester PA
        MBA with Business Process Innovation Certification, Currently Enrolled

Statistical Analyst, ACE-INA Insurance, Philadelphia PA June 2009-Present
               • State Insurance Department Statistical Reports and Data Calls
               • Answering State Questions and Maintain Relations
               • WCIO/WCStat Corrections and Submissions for the Workers Compensation Department
                        and Compliance
               • Administrator of MS Access databases, database creation, data quality, and reporting.
               • Use of Data mining and Statistical Reporting for ad-hoc reports for management
               • Microsoft SharePoint Sites creation and maintenance
               • Business Liaison to IT departments

Contractor - Data Analyst, ACE-INA Insurance, Philadelphia PA     June 2007-June 2009
               • Served on the Legacy Systems Replacement Project, US Operations Reengineering Project, and
                   other Process Review Projects.
               • Created and utilized Business Requirement Documents and Business Process Overview
               • Utilized Modeling tools to create Organization Charts, Matrixes, Simulations, and Process
               • Analyzed the current workflows and processes supporting multi-billion dollar business units.
               • Mapping as-is workflows using business process mapping tools.
               • Providing analysis to support recommendations for reengineering in place, outsourcing, and off
               • Administrator for Casewise Modeler and various US Operations Sharepoint Sites
               • Administrator of MS Access databases, database creation, data quality, and reporting.
               • Business Liaison to IT departments

               Computer: SAP 4.3 Enterprise System (certified); Microsoft Project Manager; Casewise Modeler; ARIS Business Architecture; PowerPoint Presentations; Microsoft Excel Graphing and Charts; Microsoft Access/Databases; Visio; Microsoft FrontPage; Sharepoint; C++; Python (minor); HTML (minor); SQL (basic); Multimedia Technology and Social Sites; Wordpress and Site Publication

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)
        Widener Residence Hall Association
               • 2006-2007
                      o Founding Member - President of Policies and Procedures
                      o Led planning for the implementation of recycling program on campus
                      o Coordinated campus-wide activities
        Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
        Writer –
               • News and Reviews with concentration on Downloadable PC and Xbox Live Arcade titles
               • Technology articles contributor
               • Cultivate and establish relationships with business and review partners
        Reviews Editor –
               • Mobile News and Reviews with a Windows Phone Platform concentration
               • Coordination of Review Team assignments and postings
               • Liaison to Business Partners and Review Subjects


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Community Management
- - In Training: Twitter, Facebook maintenance
- DoriansParlor - Steampunk/Victorian Philadelphia Event 
- Twitter Community Manager
- Graphic Flyers Designer
- Web Design and Featur Planning/Assignments