Friday, January 11, 2013

Comic Station Issue #2 – January 9th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.
New Releases: After the controversial Spider-Man #700 the first issue of Superior Spider-Man hits the shelves and this issue of Comic Station. Along with the new Spidey, Green Lantern New Guardians Annual and Images’ Repossessed make our highlight section. With over eighty new issues out today, we couldn't end there, so we gave a P.S. to a few more: the fourth and final issue of the Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers, Dresden Files by Dynamite and The Devil is due in Dreary by Ardden publishers.
Review: After announcing the release date on the last Comic Station, we reviewed Star Wars #1 for today’s big release. A great entry into the Expanded Universe of Star War, this issue takes place after Episode IV of the movies. This makes it highly accessible to new readers who might not be familiar with the expanded mythos of the universe. Probably stealing the show, Leia really shows a great sense of character and resolve in this issue. A worthy starting issue and we look forward to see how the series progresses.
Recommendation: Scott’s love for the Batman series continues as he highlights the Batman Detective Comics series by DC Comics in this episode of Comic Station. Why does this deserve to follow last week’s Batman Death of the Family? See for yourself.

Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. Don’t forget to see our Issue #1 of Comic Station. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn't get to, a list can be found below the video.

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Star Wars #1 Review (Comic)

The universe of Star Wars is vast and densely populated. We’re not talking about the space, worlds and empires kind of universe, but the Expanded Universe of movies, books and comics. Since first premiering Star Wars has been a beloved creation and many have added their tales to expound and flesh out the life of this work. While many begin their journey with the movies some people find their way to the bookshelves looking for more.
With a seemingly endless sea of these expanded universe books and comics that exist it’s hard to pick out the ones to read. Dark Horse Comics now brings another comic from Brian Wood, the author of The Massive, Conan the Barbarian and MARA. This new Star Wars #1 brings something that many of the countless other series lacked: the same classic characters and story-line as the movies.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alabaster Wolves Issues #1-5 (Complete) Review

Walking through the shelves of your local comic shop can be daunting, but occasionally there is a cover that grabs your attention. Sometimes, just sometimes, this search pays off, and you’re introduced to a new option you might not have considered before. This is what happened to me with Alabaster Wolves by Dark Horse Comics.
By the time we’re introduced to Dancy Flammarion, her reputation has already preceded her – even to the abandoned South Carolina town in which we find her. The albino huntress’s reputation, one of a killer of monsters and demons, has come at the behest of a demanding and aloof angel. After unknown time – presumably the entirety of her young life – Dancy Flammarion has grown tired of this higher calling and rebels against her guardian angel. This rebellion causes the angel to abandon her, and while she never lifted a finger to help her, there is a sense of isolation.
Alone without her angel for the first time, she meets two unlikely companions: a wise-cracking crow and a werewolf with a past. Neither of these companions seem especially trustworthy – the werewolf most of all, due to the last time they had seen each other being fatal. That, and they are leading her to an even greater evil than what she’s faced before. As they travel together, Dancy’s history is expanded upon, and insight is given into how this new situation has led her to re-examine her beliefs.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Comic Station Issue #1 – January 2nd 2013

For our first Issue of Comic Station we get right into things by setting up the segments: New Releases, Review and Recommendations.
New Releases: We chose three key additions to highlight from the line-up and even give our impressions and insight into a few series.  While not new, there’s also news that Hellboy in Hell #1 sold out, but don’t fret, there will be a reprint at the end of the month for those who missed it. As a preview for next week, we also mention a little bit about Brian Wood, the author of the new Star Wars #1 coming out next week.
Review: Our first review is one many readers might have missed – Alabaster Wolves by Dark Horse Comics. A young woman is tasked with hunting down monsters by her gaurdian angel, but we come into her life at a time when this routine has grown thin. This short five-issue run features some beautiful artwork by Steve Lieber and relate-able characters by Caitlin R. Kiernan. A full review will be coming to the website soon.
Recommendation: Our resident expert and owner of The Comic Station store, Scott Kaitz, kicks off strong with high praise for Batman: Death of the Family. See what he has to say about this New 52 series.

Please leave comments or suggestions as I look to continue improving this new series.

Drox Operative Review (PC)

What images come to mind when people imagine captaining a spaceship (I can’t be the only one)? Do they imagine researching planets? Conducting trade with strange new species for the betterment of the galactic community? Or, would they rather captain a battleship of the stars and turn the tide of galactic battle for their own profit? Soldak Entertainment set out to offer the chance to live out these fantasies in their latest endeavor, Drox Operative.

The history is simple: the Drox once ruled the galaxy, conquering millions of planets and ruling for over 100,000 years thanks to the powerful elite starship captains, the Operatives. As with all empires though, they began to splinter and crack, eventually believing the very Operatives who helped prop them up were a threat. The Drox attempted to have the Operatives assassinated. Not only did they fail, but the Drox were eliminated in the ensuing Galactic Civil War. The Drox Operative still survive, though now they swear allegiance to no race or state. As such, the Operatives are not interested in the minutiae of running an empire, only controlling the trade market. The goal of a Drox Operative is simple: build up as many credits as possible while customizing and building the best starship.
If that story is enough to pique your interest, that’s good, because that’s all there is – no story-line and no campaign. That’s it. What Drox Operative lacks in its own story it allows for the creation of a more dynamic and evolving tale. The story is told by the actions and influence exerted upon it. The galaxies, worlds, and races that exist in the Drox Operative‘s sector will even continue to trade and wage war with or without the Operatives’ help. The Operative influences and adapts to the sector of their control. Will they be a beacon of hope and peace, or facilitate the next Galactic War, picking sides and determining the victors before the fighting even starts?

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