Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alabaster Wolves Issues #1-5 (Complete) Review

Walking through the shelves of your local comic shop can be daunting, but occasionally there is a cover that grabs your attention. Sometimes, just sometimes, this search pays off, and you’re introduced to a new option you might not have considered before. This is what happened to me with Alabaster Wolves by Dark Horse Comics.
By the time we’re introduced to Dancy Flammarion, her reputation has already preceded her – even to the abandoned South Carolina town in which we find her. The albino huntress’s reputation, one of a killer of monsters and demons, has come at the behest of a demanding and aloof angel. After unknown time – presumably the entirety of her young life – Dancy Flammarion has grown tired of this higher calling and rebels against her guardian angel. This rebellion causes the angel to abandon her, and while she never lifted a finger to help her, there is a sense of isolation.
Alone without her angel for the first time, she meets two unlikely companions: a wise-cracking crow and a werewolf with a past. Neither of these companions seem especially trustworthy – the werewolf most of all, due to the last time they had seen each other being fatal. That, and they are leading her to an even greater evil than what she’s faced before. As they travel together, Dancy’s history is expanded upon, and insight is given into how this new situation has led her to re-examine her beliefs.