Friday, January 4, 2013

Drox Operative Review (PC)

What images come to mind when people imagine captaining a spaceship (I can’t be the only one)? Do they imagine researching planets? Conducting trade with strange new species for the betterment of the galactic community? Or, would they rather captain a battleship of the stars and turn the tide of galactic battle for their own profit? Soldak Entertainment set out to offer the chance to live out these fantasies in their latest endeavor, Drox Operative.

The history is simple: the Drox once ruled the galaxy, conquering millions of planets and ruling for over 100,000 years thanks to the powerful elite starship captains, the Operatives. As with all empires though, they began to splinter and crack, eventually believing the very Operatives who helped prop them up were a threat. The Drox attempted to have the Operatives assassinated. Not only did they fail, but the Drox were eliminated in the ensuing Galactic Civil War. The Drox Operative still survive, though now they swear allegiance to no race or state. As such, the Operatives are not interested in the minutiae of running an empire, only controlling the trade market. The goal of a Drox Operative is simple: build up as many credits as possible while customizing and building the best starship.
If that story is enough to pique your interest, that’s good, because that’s all there is – no story-line and no campaign. That’s it. What Drox Operative lacks in its own story it allows for the creation of a more dynamic and evolving tale. The story is told by the actions and influence exerted upon it. The galaxies, worlds, and races that exist in the Drox Operative‘s sector will even continue to trade and wage war with or without the Operatives’ help. The Operative influences and adapts to the sector of their control. Will they be a beacon of hope and peace, or facilitate the next Galactic War, picking sides and determining the victors before the fighting even starts?

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