Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop review

The current generation of laptops have become thinner, lighter and more effecient than ever. They do this a number of ways: smaller processors, integrated motherboards and a minimization of design to name just a few. The benefits of these changes have help bring a balanced experience to many people. One group of people who have been left with fewer choices have been gamers looking for a laptop powerful enough to compete with the graphical and computing power of a desktop without spending upwards of quadrouple the price tag. In order to offer something to those gamers Samsung decided to build upon their existing products and introduced their most powerful Series 7 yet build with gamers in mind, the Samsung Series 7 Gamer.
Someone would be hard pressed if the first thing they noticed about the Samsung Series 7 Gamer was not its immense size. The frame measures 16.1 inches wide, 11.2 inches depth and has a thickness that ranges from 1.29 in the front to 1.96 inches in the rear. All this and its hefty 8.39lbs (11lbs with power brick) adds up to a laptop that tests the meaning of portable, but uses its size to hold a lot of functions and features that make it worth lugging around.

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