Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comic Station Issue #9 – February 27th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as a special one-shot interview with Philadelphia Publisher, 215Ink.
New Releases: For this week we highlight three new number one issue releases on Comic Station #9. The big one,Gaurdians of the Galaxy #0.1 introduces a team that many younger readers, and a few older, might not recognize but will be having their own movie next year. Zenescope publishers have two new issues, Madness of Wonderland #1and The Jungle Book: The Last of the Species #1. Both titles feature Zenescope’s penchant for beautiful artwork and women. Not number ones, but worthy of attention Injustice Gods Among Us #2 and Young Avengers #2 were also shown on Comic Station Issue #9.
Review: Two reviews for the young teen readers. Amala’s Blade #0 from Dark Horse Comics has an assassin turned pirate, and Five Weapons #1 from Image Comics has an hitman-in-training.
Recommendation: Scott’s recommendation for this Comic Station is Warlord of Mars from Dynamite. This is certainly not your Disney’s John Carter.
Special: We had a special one-shot edition of Comic Station on publish on Sunday, with an interview of 215Ink who are publishing a special book: Ignition Anthology. This 300 page collection of over 80 writing/art teams will be releasing at the end of March.

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Five Weapons #1: Review (Comic)

Image Comics has been on a run of creating some great entries, especially for the adult comic book readers, but one of their newest titles makes a big for the young adult reader.  Five Weapons #1 centers on a unique school for the hitman-in-training children and its newest enrolled student. In an impressive feat, this book features the work of Jimmie Robinson as the writer, illustrator and letterer all rolled into one.
Each student at the Five Weapons school is encouraged to identify with one of five schools of practice: knives, staves, archery, guns and exotic weapons. They are trained in the martial art of their weapon of choice, complete with classes and fights in the courtyard. This of course makes Tyler Shainline stand out even more. Not only is he from a long line of infamous hitmen, but he refuses to take up arms.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comic Station One-shot: 215Ink Publisher Interview (Comics)

In the realm of comic books it’s often the small independent publishers which take the creative risks that the big companies won’t. We had the chance to sit down with one such Publisher, 215Ink, who is based in Philadelphia, PA in a special Comic Station “one-shot” video interview.

To introduce 215Ink on this Comic Station one-shot we sat down with Michael Perkins who writes Beware for this video interview:

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comic Station Issue #8 - February 20th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.

New Releases: The new Justice League of America #1 from DC Comics hit the shelves, along with all 52 variant covers featuring the States, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Marvel Now! has a new entry: Nova #1, which introduces The Guardians of the Galaxy to the newer Comic Station generation. IDW Comics has a new vampire comic aimed more for the teen generation, with Vitriol #1 hunting the undead. I also couldn’t help but give a shout-out to two more great comics out today, Savage Wolverine #2 and Wolverine Maxx #4.
Review: We had three shorter reviews this time, trying to offer more on this Comic Station Issue #8. DC Comic’s newKatana #1 introduces a old yet new character to The New 52. Image Comics seems to have another winner on their hands with Snapshot #1, and Dark Horse Comics rounds out the reviews with their much acclaimed Star Wars series with Star Wars #2.
Recommendation: Scott recommends my personal favorite Marvel Now! – and possibly all of Marvel – comics: Thor God of Thunder.
Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn’t get to, a list can be found below the video.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comic Station Issue #7 – February 13th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.
New Releases: We’re warning filled in this issue of Comic Station. The Walking Dead: The Governor’s Special is one to beware of and Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth #2 doesn’t look too good. Luckily, there is a new series called Power Bureau #1 by Icon and a DC Comics carry-over, Katana #1, that has some promise. Another #2 actually steals the spotlight this Comic Station, with Star Wars #2 from Dark Horse Comics really shining through.
Review: For this issue of Comic Station we have two reviews, so they’re on the shorter size. Paul does a review of Emily and the Strangers #1  which was mentioned in Comic Station Issue # 5 and we have a review from a contributor, Chaz King, who posted his review of Son of Merlin #1.
Recommendation: A fan of the Uncanny X-men, Scott can’t help but recommend the Uncanny X-men #1 issue that continues the tale of the heroes and the aftermath of the X-men vs The Avengers series.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comic Station Issue #6 – February 6th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings:
New Releases – This week on Comic Station we look at the Harbinger #0 issue, which does a great job introducing the world and backstory to the Harbinger series. We also look at Fairy Tale Quests: Outlaws, which I personally backed on Kickstarter and am glad I did. Dia De Los Muertos is a collection of three short stories on the Mexican Day of the Dead beliefs. From one holiday to another, with Valentine’s Day around the corner DC has put out their Young Love issue with a collection of six short stories featuring characters from the New 52 lineup on the subject of love.
Review – Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 provides the background to NetherRealm’s upcoming fighter video game by the same name in the most appropriate form possible. A decent story in it’s own right, this issue gives a decent story and great artwork.
Recommendation – Scott recommends The Fearless Defenders #1 on this Comic Station, featuring two lesser known Marvel heroines.