Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comic Station Issue #8 - February 20th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.

New Releases: The new Justice League of America #1 from DC Comics hit the shelves, along with all 52 variant covers featuring the States, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Marvel Now! has a new entry: Nova #1, which introduces The Guardians of the Galaxy to the newer Comic Station generation. IDW Comics has a new vampire comic aimed more for the teen generation, with Vitriol #1 hunting the undead. I also couldn’t help but give a shout-out to two more great comics out today, Savage Wolverine #2 and Wolverine Maxx #4.
Review: We had three shorter reviews this time, trying to offer more on this Comic Station Issue #8. DC Comic’s newKatana #1 introduces a old yet new character to The New 52. Image Comics seems to have another winner on their hands with Snapshot #1, and Dark Horse Comics rounds out the reviews with their much acclaimed Star Wars series with Star Wars #2.
Recommendation: Scott recommends my personal favorite Marvel Now! – and possibly all of Marvel – comics: Thor God of Thunder.
Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn’t get to, a list can be found below the video.

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