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Comic Station Issue #17 – April 24th 2013

Comic Station #17 Feature
We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. We add a little something extra in our Reviews and Recommendation section.
New Releases: For the New Releases this week we look at Jupiter’s Legacy #1 from Image on this Comic Station. After that, we look at Amala’s Blade #1 from Dark Horse Comics, a followup from our review of Amala’s Blade #0 on a previous Comic Station. We also take a look at Helheim #2 as it continues the Viking Epic from the first issue. Of course, we even take a look at East of West #2 from Image Comics, though it lacks the action of the first issue, the plot thickens on this gripping tale.
Review: On this week of Comic Station we have a double-whammy. As part of Zenescope’s new world-altering Unleashed Event, the latest issues, Unleashed #1 and Vampires #1 get the ball rolling in grand style. In Unleashed #1the dangerous new enemy, The Being, has released the classical monsters from their jail cell called the Shadowlands. Of the creatures, werewolves, demons and vampires are among them. As the queen of the vampires, Samira gets her own crossover title in Vampires #1. We at Comic Station are excited for this Unleashed Event, as it gives an epic new story and a great starting point for readers to get into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.
Recommendation: Scott recommends one of our favorites with Superman Earth One Volume One and Two. It’s perfect timing with the upcoming Superman movie, and look forward to more Superman on future Comic Stations.
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Helheim #2: Review (Comic)

Helheim #2 Feature
The Viking Epic continues in the second issue of Helheim from Oni Press. This world of gruesome savages and nefarious witches returns in all its bloody beauty. Helheim #2 picks up a short time after the Wildmen attacked the village, killing many of the villagers including our main character Rikard.
In our first review of Helheim #1 we applauded the writing of Cullen Bunn and colors of Joelle Jones.They return in fine fashion. Again, the writing of Cullen Bunn helps deliver plenty of character to the inhabitants of this viking winterland while Joelle Jones makes even the gory action beautiful.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unleashed #1: Grimm Fairy Tales: Review (Comic)

Unleashed Feature
The Grimm Fairy Tales universe has seen it's fair share of near-world-ending catastrophes and threats. With their unique take on the classic fairy tales, it's a whole new world. Each character is given a modern twist and expanded plot beyond their origins. In the latest arc, a new enemy has risen that makes the Dark One look like a boyscout. As the primary series title, Unleashed #1, officially kicks off the Unleashed arc with five other crossover titles that will add story on the side.
Not one to kick things off small, Unleashed #1 starts right off with a fight between Gods. In an attempt to avert disaster, Zeus, Neptune and the Grimm Fairy Tale's addition, Heather fight a mysterious new being who has already killed one of their own. Nothing like a fight with a being that can kill Gods to get things rolling. Besides this, he opens a portal to all of the creatures of fairy tale nightmares: vampires, werewolves and countless others.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comic Station Issue #16 – April 17th 2013

We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. Stay tuned to the ending where we announce something very special!
New Releases: For the new releases this week we highlight a few number ones but first, we take a look at Bloodshot #10 from Valiant. Bloodshot #10 is part of the Harbinger Wars series arc that spans the Valiant catalog. IDW makes a new entry in their Danger Girl series with Danger Girl Trinity #1 where the female spies start of Indiana Jones and ends closer to a swimsuit catalog. Aspen draws a beautiful cartoonish artwork that juxtaposes the violent nature ofJirni #1, a tale of warriors and Genies with a lead as beautiful as she is deadly. The latest entry in the Star Wars extended universe with Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #1.
Review: Comic Station features our review on Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation, a huge 144 page full-colored collection of various chapters. Great artwork and a surprisingly intriguing plot make up this perfect example of what can only be described as fan service done right.
Recommendation: Scott highlights Evil Ernie series for this Comic Station – a gory good time.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are giving away special Marvel Heroes Beta Codes after our Comic Station Interview with their community manager on Comic Station. Plenty to go around, so tell your friends and enter here:Marvel Heroes MMO Beta Code Giveaway.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Comic Station Issue #15 – April 10th 2013

We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. We add a little something extra in our Reviews and Recommendation section.
New Releases: There’s lots of new issues this week on Comic Station. Invincible by Image Comics continues in the new series, Invincible Universe #1. X #0 introduces a dark, gritty, violent and gory vigilante on his terrified mobsmen targets. Batman gets a reboot, in cartoon child-like form in DC Comic’s Batman: Li’l Gotham. Aliens, country southerners and zombies collide in IDW’s The Colonized: Zombies vs Aliens.
Though not a new release, we also highlight our enjoyment for Star Wars #4 by Dark Horse Comics. We also bring some industry news as Saga #12 from Image Comics has been blocked from the Apple store due to sexual images of a certain nature.
Review: We highlight The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 for this week’s Comic Station Review. A four-issue series that gives a great insight into Ellie, the young girl from the upcoming Playstation video game of the same title. If you want more than what we talk about on Comic Station, check out the full The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 Review.
Recommendation: Scott highlights a series that might sound familiar to anyone who knows of The Hunger Games, Avengers Arena from Marvel pits children Avenger members against each other on an island in this Comic Station issue.
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TenState Comic Book Kickstarter: Comic Station Interview

TenState Feature
Kickstarter has made a home with independent artist from Movies, Games and Comic Books. TenState is one such kickstarter comic book. The premise is what initially grabbed me, an independent comic in the setting of a reality TV show where 10 members of different races and creeds are brought together to see if they can stand together, or fall divided. The next thing to stand-out were the talents behind the comic.
The artist behind the unique cartoonish look of TenState is the well-known artist, Len Peralta. Peralta has made a name for himself with his popular previous kickstarters, the Geek-A-Week trading card sets. His artstyle is instantly recognizable to those who know his previous works and already have a cartoon-comic mixture that makes this a logical step. The writer, Tom Merritt, is a well-known technology podcaster with a number of shows, a book published and other technology works; however, the closest previous work has been co-host of Geek and Sundry with Felicia Day. To say I was interested in what could bring these two people together would be an understatement.
TenState Characters
Wonder where the inspiration came for some of the characters.
The plot behind TenState was something new, something a regular publisher might not have touched. It's an examination of the diversity of America, and possibility the world, born from observations of how people react in real life. With the help of Tom, TenState was made. An fake reality television show would be the setting to bring the ten people together. Each representing different segments of the population. The tensions that is inherent in the cohabitation of people so diverse is not the only driving force, there is something more behind the television program they are on as well. It's an intriquing idea, and a perfect example of the unique ideas that can be found thanks to Kickstarter.
Though their kickstater will be ending soon, on Wednesday April 10th 2013, I wanted to highlight TenState. While I hope to bring more attention to their I also encourage others to create or support independent comic book creators. To learn more about TenState, see our special Comic Station One-Shot interview with Tom and Len on their upcoming work below:

See all our other Comic Station coverage and stay tuned for when we mention this TenState Interview on Comic Station #15 this wednesday.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Last of Us: American Dreams #1: Review (Comic)

For those who just can't wait for the upcoming Playstation title by Naughty Dogs Games - The Last of Us - the little bit of information from gameplay trailers has done little to feed an insatiable hunger for more. More of the great graphics, action adventure and story. On the contrary  the more they show the more questions arise and the more June 14th can't get here soon enough. To help quell some of this hunger Naughty Dog has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to brings us a tantalizing glimpse into this postapocalyptic world . In The Last of Us: An American Dream #1 we are treated to the official comics-exclusive prequel to one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Set nineteen years after the fungal parasite outbreak infected the majority of the world population, resulting in humanity fighting for it's survival in camps. Ellie was born into one of these camps, located in Boston, where she's known nothing but the devastated world she was raised in. As could be expected, having been taken to the brink of extinction, the walled off city has taken to a more militaristic  society where orphans are sent to military prep school upon their thirteenth birthday. The Last of Us: American Dreams opens on the day Ellie is taken to this prep school.

The Last of Us Comic Image1
Not exactly a friendly place, but pay attention to small details.
On her way to her new school we get the first glimpse into the walled city that Ellie calls home. It's not a bright or friendly place. Without even saying as word Faith Erin Hicks, the artist, conveys a myriad of emotions and reactions by Ellie that also offer us our first look into the kind of person Ellie is. There are obvious overtures as well as subtle clues at things to come that add depth to the comic as well as hint at elements to come when The Last of Us game comes out. While they hint, they don't spoil anything yet remain tantalizing.
The artwork is not a style that I typically favor, but Hicks's use of the colors and emotional conveyance elevates the style to my admiration. It might also be fitting as trying to copy the graphics of the games could be disheartening. Such a divergent art choice from the game makes sense.
Throughout The Last of Us: American Dreams the story focuses on Ellie, not just thematically, but emotionally and truly insightful. Faith Erin Hicks pulls double duty, working with Neil Druckman as co-authors of this book. There's hardly a wasted page or even scene for that matter that doesn't show Ellie, the world she lives in and how she reacts to it.

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Comic Station Issue #14 - April 3rd 2013

This issue of Comic Station continues to bring you the latest in New Releases and Review highlights to stay up-to-date with the comic book world.
New Releases: On this issue of Comic Station we find a few old hats returning to the scene. Dynamite Publishers resurrect an old favorite, as Miss Fury #1 makes her return as the debutant anti-hero thief who is either time traveling or is having a sever mental breakdown. Either way, she looks great doing it. The villian powerful enough to pull Loki's strings in the Avengers movie, and the rumored villain of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Thanos gets his own backstory series in Thanos Rising #1. Finally, a personal favorite, '68 Jungle Jim takes you back to Vietnam War but the guys with guns aren't the only problem as zombies have risen to be as much of a threat.
Review: As we gushed on the last issue of Comic Station, it's probably no surprise that we go over the East of West #1 review briefly. Our main Review feature this week though is 215Ink's Broken #1 written by our friend David Goodman (@PhillyGuyDave) from Geekadelphia. He called Broken "... a near perfect comic book [that] gets my highest recommendation." Can't get much better than that. You can find his Comic Roundup segment on Geekadelphia which features brief reviews of local Philadelphia, PA published titles.
Recommendation: Scott takes us to dimension in Earth 2 as he recaps some of this series' highlights
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