Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comic Station Issue #14 - April 3rd 2013

This issue of Comic Station continues to bring you the latest in New Releases and Review highlights to stay up-to-date with the comic book world.
New Releases: On this issue of Comic Station we find a few old hats returning to the scene. Dynamite Publishers resurrect an old favorite, as Miss Fury #1 makes her return as the debutant anti-hero thief who is either time traveling or is having a sever mental breakdown. Either way, she looks great doing it. The villian powerful enough to pull Loki's strings in the Avengers movie, and the rumored villain of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Thanos gets his own backstory series in Thanos Rising #1. Finally, a personal favorite, '68 Jungle Jim takes you back to Vietnam War but the guys with guns aren't the only problem as zombies have risen to be as much of a threat.
Review: As we gushed on the last issue of Comic Station, it's probably no surprise that we go over the East of West #1 review briefly. Our main Review feature this week though is 215Ink's Broken #1 written by our friend David Goodman (@PhillyGuyDave) from Geekadelphia. He called Broken "... a near perfect comic book [that] gets my highest recommendation." Can't get much better than that. You can find his Comic Roundup segment on Geekadelphia which features brief reviews of local Philadelphia, PA published titles.
Recommendation: Scott takes us to dimension in Earth 2 as he recaps some of this series' highlights
Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our Comic Station coverage. If you didn't see last week's Comic Station Issue #13 check it out to see what you might have missed. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn't get to, a list can be found below the video.

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