Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unleashed #1: Grimm Fairy Tales: Review (Comic)

Unleashed Feature
The Grimm Fairy Tales universe has seen it's fair share of near-world-ending catastrophes and threats. With their unique take on the classic fairy tales, it's a whole new world. Each character is given a modern twist and expanded plot beyond their origins. In the latest arc, a new enemy has risen that makes the Dark One look like a boyscout. As the primary series title, Unleashed #1, officially kicks off the Unleashed arc with five other crossover titles that will add story on the side.
Not one to kick things off small, Unleashed #1 starts right off with a fight between Gods. In an attempt to avert disaster, Zeus, Neptune and the Grimm Fairy Tale's addition, Heather fight a mysterious new being who has already killed one of their own. Nothing like a fight with a being that can kill Gods to get things rolling. Besides this, he opens a portal to all of the creatures of fairy tale nightmares: vampires, werewolves and countless others.