Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comic Station Issue #17 – April 24th 2013

Comic Station #17 Feature
We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. We add a little something extra in our Reviews and Recommendation section.
New Releases: For the New Releases this week we look at Jupiter’s Legacy #1 from Image on this Comic Station. After that, we look at Amala’s Blade #1 from Dark Horse Comics, a followup from our review of Amala’s Blade #0 on a previous Comic Station. We also take a look at Helheim #2 as it continues the Viking Epic from the first issue. Of course, we even take a look at East of West #2 from Image Comics, though it lacks the action of the first issue, the plot thickens on this gripping tale.
Review: On this week of Comic Station we have a double-whammy. As part of Zenescope’s new world-altering Unleashed Event, the latest issues, Unleashed #1 and Vampires #1 get the ball rolling in grand style. In Unleashed #1the dangerous new enemy, The Being, has released the classical monsters from their jail cell called the Shadowlands. Of the creatures, werewolves, demons and vampires are among them. As the queen of the vampires, Samira gets her own crossover title in Vampires #1. We at Comic Station are excited for this Unleashed Event, as it gives an epic new story and a great starting point for readers to get into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.
Recommendation: Scott recommends one of our favorites with Superman Earth One Volume One and Two. It’s perfect timing with the upcoming Superman movie, and look forward to more Superman on future Comic Stations.
Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. For a listing of more New Releases we could not get to, a list can be found below the video.

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