Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Five Weapons #1: Review (Comic)

Image Comics has been on a run of creating some great entries, especially for the adult comic book readers, but one of their newest titles makes a big for the young adult reader.  Five Weapons #1 centers on a unique school for the hitman-in-training children and its newest enrolled student. In an impressive feat, this book features the work of Jimmie Robinson as the writer, illustrator and letterer all rolled into one.
Each student at the Five Weapons school is encouraged to identify with one of five schools of practice: knives, staves, archery, guns and exotic weapons. They are trained in the martial art of their weapon of choice, complete with classes and fights in the courtyard. This of course makes Tyler Shainline stand out even more. Not only is he from a long line of infamous hitmen, but he refuses to take up arms.

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