Friday, January 4, 2013

Comic Station Issue #1 – January 2nd 2013

For our first Issue of Comic Station we get right into things by setting up the segments: New Releases, Review and Recommendations.
New Releases: We chose three key additions to highlight from the line-up and even give our impressions and insight into a few series.  While not new, there’s also news that Hellboy in Hell #1 sold out, but don’t fret, there will be a reprint at the end of the month for those who missed it. As a preview for next week, we also mention a little bit about Brian Wood, the author of the new Star Wars #1 coming out next week.
Review: Our first review is one many readers might have missed – Alabaster Wolves by Dark Horse Comics. A young woman is tasked with hunting down monsters by her gaurdian angel, but we come into her life at a time when this routine has grown thin. This short five-issue run features some beautiful artwork by Steve Lieber and relate-able characters by Caitlin R. Kiernan. A full review will be coming to the website soon.
Recommendation: Our resident expert and owner of The Comic Station store, Scott Kaitz, kicks off strong with high praise for Batman: Death of the Family. See what he has to say about this New 52 series.

Please leave comments or suggestions as I look to continue improving this new series.