Friday, January 11, 2013

Comic Station Issue #2 – January 9th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.
New Releases: After the controversial Spider-Man #700 the first issue of Superior Spider-Man hits the shelves and this issue of Comic Station. Along with the new Spidey, Green Lantern New Guardians Annual and Images’ Repossessed make our highlight section. With over eighty new issues out today, we couldn't end there, so we gave a P.S. to a few more: the fourth and final issue of the Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers, Dresden Files by Dynamite and The Devil is due in Dreary by Ardden publishers.
Review: After announcing the release date on the last Comic Station, we reviewed Star Wars #1 for today’s big release. A great entry into the Expanded Universe of Star War, this issue takes place after Episode IV of the movies. This makes it highly accessible to new readers who might not be familiar with the expanded mythos of the universe. Probably stealing the show, Leia really shows a great sense of character and resolve in this issue. A worthy starting issue and we look forward to see how the series progresses.
Recommendation: Scott’s love for the Batman series continues as he highlights the Batman Detective Comics series by DC Comics in this episode of Comic Station. Why does this deserve to follow last week’s Batman Death of the Family? See for yourself.

Thank you and please leave comments here or on YouTube as we continue to evolve our coverage. Don’t forget to see our Issue #1 of Comic Station. For a listing of more New Releases we couldn't get to, a list can be found below the video.

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