Friday, August 24, 2012

Opinion: Apple vs. Samsung Ruling (US)

Today the jury released their verdict in a surprising amount of time. Besides agreeing that Samsung did not infringe on the iPad the ruling came down solidly on the side of Apple.

The $1.04billion (originally $1.05billion before some corrections of inconsistencies) awarded to Apple shows a strong sign that Patent Infringement will not be tolerated. This ruling will have wide-spanning implications across the industry. On the surface this looks to punish copying (and it does) it also affirms an over-arching interpretation of Patents. The so called "patent wars" just went nuclear. This puts the button in the hands of patent owns against copiers, but they're all patent owners. The litigation hasn't ended, not by a long-shot.

We should all be paying attention to the injunction hearings and keep an eye out for future litigation and the impact it'll have on not only the manufacturers but consumers as well.