Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tablet Pal: Review (Tech)

Tablet Pal - Feature
With the rising role of mobile computing such as smart phones, tablets, and everything in between there has been an equal or greater growth in the accessories market as well. We use these accessories to keep these valuables safe or support certain functions. With tablets, there are a myriad of options when it comes to display stands. With each, there exist trade-offs that'll depend on the needs of the purchaser. This applies to the Tablet Pal as well.
Tablet Pal - Colors
But does it come in plaid?
Tablet Pal comes in a host of colors to suit your style from blue, red, green, and more. Further, coming in two sizes the stand accommodates both full sized 9.5″ to 11″ tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire HD, and smaller 7″ tablets such as the original Kindle Fire. This is accomplished by stretching the soft-form corners, which has the benefit of allowing the Tablet Pal to adjust for size, but only slightly. This also does not block much screen space and leaves the charging ports open for charging while in use.
When using a Kindle Fire the speakers located at the top were not disrupted. Tests with rear-facing speakers were not muffled too much, though it can be noticeable. Since the non-skid bottom and horizontal position are the only options vertical viewing is not possible. This limits the use and makes multimedia viewing the best use for the stand.
Tablet Pal - Car
Now I want a red car to match my Tablet Pal.
With the non-skid bottom it also provides a good grip while driving, allowing for use as a GPS Unit or entertainment. However, the Tablet Pal had minimal sliding action in cars with regular dashes. While it held well, the best place for this mobile usage would be in a car with a depression on the dashboard. Otherwise, while it hold relatively well, the Tablet Pal still slides when taking a turn. Use as a GPS Unit or otherwise isn’t recommended for city driving. The Tablet Pal Pro offers an additional dashboard pad, making it the best option for those looking for use in the car. Otherwise, it should only be recommended for passengers to use while driving.
Tablet Pal - Lap
Knew it wouldn’t be long till the Wife got her hands on it.
Since the Tablet Pal is essentially a cushion pillow it lacks the ability to fold flat like other tablet stands. This limits the portability and storage. It does however offer more stability and security for some potentially very expensive technology. The form and neoprene fabric make it very comfortable as a lap case. There is even a slot located at the top that can accommodate a small USB wall charger, though the size is limited, but items the size of headphones are no problem.
As with most technology accessories there is a trade-off of form and function. With the Tablet Pal portability and viewing options are sacrificed for stability. We wouldn’t recommend driving with the Tablet Pal in the front seat, but it can still be used to entertain passengers.
Overall, the Tablet Pal offers a great deal of stability and can be recommended on this major feature alone. Unfortunately, the lack of portability and inability to adjust viewing angle or tablet size it fits leaves the real-world applicatiable situations limited. For those looking for a comfortable and stable option the Tablet Pal certainly fulfils these requirements.
Tablet Pal