Monday, June 3, 2013

Philadelphia Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

Conventions such as Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con attract fans of various media, genres, age groups and degrees of fervor. For the select few, they show their love by dressing up as their favorite characters, or even a parody of them. Despite being a comic convention, as the mediums have mashed together so have the cosplays (Costume + Play = Cosplay). This fandom spans not only genres, but age groups as well, with many great examples of families going out in themed groups. Even a few attendees of Philadelphia Comic Con broke the species barrier, with their canine companions getting into the dress up action.
While we all know this and love to hear about how cosplay has garnered more respect in the recent years, no longer relegated to a dirty word, so I’ll let them do what they do best: Be seen. Let us know which costumes you think are this years Best of Philadelphia Comic Con 2013!

Those are only a few of the pictures, for all 144 check out the full article here: