Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic Station Issue #30 – July 24th 2013

Comic Station #30 Feature
We at Comic Station try to highlight new releases and other series many might otherwise overlook. We typically don’t report on long-standing series unless revolutionary. We add a little something extra in our Reviews and Recommendation section.
New Releases: We have what is probably our biggest publisher New Releases to Comic Station. The Hunger #1from Marvel kicks off with Galactus entering the Ultimate Universe. Superior Spider-man Team-Up #1 has Octavius meeting, and beating, many great heroes and villains alike. The only small publisher on this issue of Comic Station,The All New Fathom #1 from Aspen Comics is a good start for those looking to get into the Fathom series. We end with Hawkeye Annual from Marvel.
Review: Batman ’66 #1 from DC Comics and Superior Carnage #1 from Marvel are the two large publishers reviewed this week on Comic Station. Invincible #104 from Image Comics continue it’s run, while Watson and Holmes #1 from New Paradigm Studios takes old characters and reimagines them in modern New York.  Finally, Mass Effect: Foundation #1 from Dark Horse Comics contains a great twist that is great for fans and new readers.
Extra: There will be a separate Comic Station article and video going over the highlights of the San Diego Comic Convention soon.
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