Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Comic Station Issue #12 - March 20th 2013

This issue of Comic Station brings some great New Releases as well as our first day-one comic book review.
New Releases: We had some technical difficulties on this issue of Comic Station, but that didn't stop us from bringing you the New Releases. First off is IDW's Memorial: Imaginary Friends. Beautifully drawn and all-ages appropriate story make this an interesting read, though maybe not a top seller. Marvel has two New Releases with X-Termination Part One taking place in the multi-verse timeline and brings together three X-Men teams against a new foe, while Deadpool #6 continues the irreverent and zany antics that have made this series a favorite on Comic Station. DC Comics gets their two in with Constantine #1, a fantastic introductory issue that doesn't waste time before jumping right into the action, and Justice League of America #2 which has a mediocre store sandwiched between two interesting mystery portions.
Review: The reviews this week on Comic Station come from our newest addition to our staff, Chaz King. Avatar The Last Airbender: The Search continues the story of Aang and brings back the old team. Chaz even brings a second review with the collection, The Massive Vol. 1: Black Pacific, a hot title that even has a movie deal in the works coming out.
Recommendation: Scott follows up with Dead Man's Party #2 from last week's Comic Station with yet more great things to say.
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