Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Comic Station Issue #10 – March 6th 2013

The Comic Station videos bring the latest in New Releases, Reviews and Recommendations each week in Comic Books.
New Releases: The Avengers and X-men get more time together in a dystopian and bleak future in Age of Ultron #1 issue from Marvel Comics. Image Comics knows sex sells and hope it’s true that SEX #1 will sell. This one is NOT FOR KIDS! More in line for all-ages and kids, DC Comics has Ame-Comi Girls #1 where the characters of the DC Universe are in an all-female cast, even the traditionally male characters.
Review: We mention the Guardians of the Galaxy review, which we featured as a New Release on Comic Station Issue #9 last week. This week on Comic Station we look at Oni Press and their a great new Viking mystic in Helheim #1. A beautiful and gripping story that takes it beyond the typical Viking book.
Recommendation: Scott gives Red She-Hulk some love on this issue of Comic Station!
Special One-Shot: We had a special Comic Station One-Shot Interview with Jimmie Robinson, who wrote, drew and lettered Five Weapons #1 which we reviewed last week.
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