Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cosplay Photo Gallery: PAX East 2013

Whatever their reason, many people attend conventions not as themselves, but as characters from their favorite entertainment. Some dress to show their love for a particular character, some dress for the attention and still others find cosplay as an artistic outlet of expression. Those who attended PAX East 2013 in Boston, MA recently were no exception. As you’d expect from a gaming convention, many of those who decided to dress up choose to do so as characters from their favorite gaming titles.

Cosplay Contests = Great Pictures
There are as many different levels of cosplaying as there are characters. From the simple act of tossing on a hat to spending months on a single costume there are some who standout even among those who standout. Even if you’d never do it yourself it can be impressive to see some walk in and not only look the part of their favorite character, but embody them as well. Some cosplayers have been given a bad name, but you can tell who is out for attention and who really worked to deserve that attention. It’s for those who put their hearts into their costumes, costing hours, days or months to show their dedication that we want to share their work with you.

Please go to the below link to see the full 70+ pictures for the gallery, as Blogger doesn't do galleries very well. Thanks!

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